Course Selection

Whether it is pursuing a course that complements your current academic and work experience or adventuring into a new field of study, careful selection of course of study remains the primary and the most significant phase in your plan to study abroad.

University Selection

Once decided with the program of study, searching and identifying a suitable institution for learning forms the next step towards your academic journey. Reputation, curriculum, faculties, course delivery, assessment methodology etc forms some of the parameters considered while opting for an institution of learning.


Universities have their own specific admission requirements. Prospective students have thorough and clear understanding of these needs and according prepare for admissions. We assist students to identify all such general and specific demands of the universities for admission. Apart from filling the application forms there are other important documents like SoPs (Statement of Purpose), recommendation letters or reference letters, financial statement etc., These documents have to be in the format prescribed by the concerned university and have to be sent well in advance for the deadline.

Scholarships / Financial Assistance

There lies a vast opportunity for scholarships or other funding options from institution they apply. Availability of scholarships may vary from institution to institution. However all such option are limited in number and are highly competitive. There are a number of factors considered while awarding scholarships or financial support to students. These may include current and previous academics, standardized test scores, achievements in the field of sports, culture or social participation etc,. Candidates must be aware of the exact application requirements and deadline to submit them. Timely involvement enhance to chances of successful application. We help accepted students to procure education loan from banking institution in India.

Student Visas

Having received the admission, the next most challenging task is to get a student visa of a country where you have applied to study. Visa rules and regulations determine the eligibility of a student for the visa. Students should enough time to prepare for their student visas. Proper citation and presentation of ones case is a must for student visas. We thoroughly assists students and their financial sponsors on both general and specific visa requirements.

Pre-Departure Counselling

Moving to a new country for education can be initially a difficult task. However, prior information on issues such as accommodation, student jobs. Studying in a new country can be exciting or thrilling. However, students should be well-informed about all aspects of living and studying in a totally new culture, people and environment. We brief student on all such important issues before they leave the country.

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