About TOEFL®

  • TOEFL® is a widely respected English proficiency test
  • Accepted as proof of English language proficiency by over 130 countries
  • Largely accepted by universities, colleges and professional agencies in the United State of America (USA)
  • Administered online via internet - TOEFL iBT®

Why TOEFL® Test Preparation at CAREERLINE?

  • Proven records of last 16 years
  • Faculty members trained by ETS- Administers of TOEFL®
  • Structured course
  • Exhaustive study materials
  • Well equipped library with extensive reading materials
  • Multi- layered coaching system (MLCS) including "Special Mock Tests"
  • Assistance with Test Registration
  • Cyclic course- can join any week!
  • University short listing for score reporting

TOEFL® - Test Details

    • Available in two version- Paper based and internet based (iBT)
    • Test four sub skills- Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking
    • Reading- 60 to 80 minutes; 36-56 Questions;3 or 4 passages
    • Listening- 60-90 minutes;34-51 Questions; lectures, discussions and conversations
    • Speaking- 20 Minutes; Total 6 tasks- 2 Independent and 4 Integrated tasks - opinion on familiar topics and based on reading & listening
    • Writing -50 Minutes- Total 2 tasks-1 Independent & 1 integrated tasks- an essay based on reading and listening and support an opinion in writing
    • Total score on 120 points- 30 points for each sub section.
    • 80 on 120 is a typical requirements for undergraduate admissions
    • 100+ on 120 in a typical requirements for graduate admissions
    • The current test fee is 165 USD. Visit for fee for additional services
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    Candidates will have the option to send the TOEFL® Test Scores to five institutions FREE during the Test Registration Consult one of our expert education counsellors to short-list the best universities for you.

    Sending TOEFL® Test Score to institution after the result cost you additional Charges!

Coaching facility- TOEFL

    • 3 Months training
    • 1 Month additional access to library
    • Copy righted books & CDs (Take away materials)
    • Library access from 8am to 9pm
    • Movie club membership
    • Regular weekly tests - 10 Paper based tests
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overviewThe first step in your Globle Dreams...

TOEFL is a compulsory English test conducted for every student from non-English speaking country looking for overseas education in English speaking countries like, USA, UK, etc. It is a test conducted for assessing the fundamental abilities in English and is accepted by over 6000 colleges and universities in 110 countries.

This is over 3 times the number of any other English-language proficiency test. The test is administered in 180 countries at more than 1275 test sites.

A TOEFL score is valid for two years and then is deleted from the official database. The maximum score for Internet based TOEFL (Computer Based TOEFL) is 120.

TOEFL Score Details:

  • Maximum Test Score : 120
  • For Graduate Programs: 100
  • For Undergraduate Ranges: 86 - 92
  • The Test Score is valid for 2 years.
  • Time Length: 4:30 hrs